Unable To Deactivate or Delete a WordPress Plugin?

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Hello guys. I had this bug problem before finding a solution. Time to time some WordPress plugins, showing different error messages one of them listed below.

You cannot delete a plugin while it is active on the main site

You cannot delete a plugin while it is active on the main site.

Now there is deactivate or delete option not working. So, we have to remove that plugin manually. Don’t worry I’ll show you step by step things to do with screenshots.

Step 1

If you host your WordPress website on a shared web hosting service, Login into the your Cpanel account.

Namecheap Cpanel Main page

If you host your WordPress website on VPS (Virtual Private Computer)/ WordPress Managed Hosting, log into your FTP or SFTP account using FTP Client Software Like WinSCP / CyberDuck.

sftp on google cloud

Step 2

Go to Cpanel File Manger Go to Cpanel File Manager and Domain Directory/Folder. (most of the time Public_HTML is the domain directory/folder)

If you are VPS/WordPress Managed Hosting Service User, Using FTP/ SFTP and go to public_html or domain name folder. I think You can find easily.

After going to the “public_html” folder or “domain” folder, you can see WordPress files like below image.

namecheap cpanel public html directory

Step 3

Go, “wp-content” folder and then go to the “plugins” folder. after that, you can see folders and file like below image. (Your folders and files names depend on what you installed)

Step 4

Select what plugin do you need to remove. Select what plugin do you need to remove. then right-click using the mouse or touchpad and click “Delete / Remove”

delete confirm message will show you. click yes and that plugin will be deleted and you can’t recover that plugin.

If you need that plugin again you can reinstall to WordPress using WordPress plugin library/upload option.

right click plugin in wordpress dashboard

Final and Results

You can see, that error and plugin not anymore in your WordPress dashboard. You made it easy.

wordpress installed plugins

Caution: some plugins delete affect your WordPress site front end and other plugins.

So guys what you think about this article? I like to hear from you, If you like too please leave a comment.

Thank you for reading my article.
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