How To Showing Rank Math Focus Keywords In Html Source

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Hello there guys, In the article I’m going to show you exactly how to step by step guide how to showing rank math focus keyword in HTML meta keyword tag.

I was wondering why rankmath meta keywords not showing. Searching many websites but couldn’t found easily the code. So, That is the reason to write this article.

Step 1

Go to your WordPress blog dashboard

WordPress Darsh Board Image

Step 2

Go to “Appearance”, wait for menu, and then the select the ‘Theme Editor”

WordPress Theme Editor Path

Step 3

Then Select “functions.php” file

WordPress Theme functions.php file path

Step 4

Go to the bottom of functions.php file

bottom of wordpress functions.php file

Step 5

Copy Past Below PHP Code

 * Add <meta name="keywords" content="focus keywords">.
add_filter( 'rank_math/frontend/show_keywords', '__return_true');
rankmath meta showing php code add to functions.php file

Step 6

Then click “Update File”

functions.php file update

Final and Results

rankmath focused keywords showing html source code

How to Remove?

Please, follow the steps above 1 to 4 and remove the step 5th code.

Now ,your HTML source file will show your rank math focused keywords.

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